Thirteenth International Workshop on
Real-Time Business Intelligence and Analytics

August 26, 2019 - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Invited Industrial Talks

Jun Rao

Apache Kafka and the Rise of Event-Driven Microservices

Today, Apache Kafka is being used by tens of thousands of companies including 60% of the Fortune 100 to power and innovate their businesses. This talk will cover (1) the history of Apache Kafka: why was it invented and the initial design; (2) a few use cases of Kafka: how is Kafka being used to transform the business in different industries; (3) the future of Kafka: the areas that we are working on to build an event-driven platform.

Roger Barga

Jun Rao is currently a co-founder of Confluent, a company that provides an event streaming platform based on Apache Kafka. Before Confluent, Jun Rao was a senior staff engineer at LinkedIn where he led the development of Kafka. Before LinkedIn, Jun Rao was a researcher at IBM's Almaden research data center, where he conducted research on database and distributed systems. Jun Rao is the PMC chair of Apache Kafka and a committer of Apache Cassandra. He is the co-author of more than 20 referenced research papers, and the co-inventor of more than a dozen U.S. software patents.

Frank McSherry

The Materialize Incremental View Maintenance Engine

I'll describe the incremental view engine in production at Materialize, Inc., based on timely and differential dataflow. While Materialize is initially aimed at maintaining traditional SQL queries, the underlying technology supports a rich variety of declarative, data-parallel query languages, ranging up through Datalog, graph query languages, interactive visualizations, and beyond. I'll detail the underlying architecture that supports these varied idioms, as well as the technology that give Materialize access to execution plans unavailable to other scale-out stream processors.

Roger Barga

Frank McSherry is Chief Scientist at Materialize, Inc. Frank shared the Godel prize for the invention of differential privacy, the TCC test of time award for its theoretical development, and the SIGMOD test of time award for its initial implementation. He led the award-winning Naiad project at Microsoft Research, which led to the invention of timely and differential dataflow. Frank's laptop is similarly accomplished.