Thirteenth International Workshop on
Real-Time Business Intelligence and Analytics

August 26, 2019 - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Topics of Interest

Areas of particular interest for the workshop include (but are not limited to) the following, as they relate to real-time business intelligence and data analytics:

  • Analytics as a service
  • In-database and in-memory analytics
  • Serverless and lambda processing for real-time BI and analytics
  • Streaming data, stream computing and streaming systems
  • Streaming/real-time systems for Machine Learning and AI
  • Machine Learning and AI for real-time systems
  • Data mining, analytics, and OLAP for real-time decision support
  • Novel architectures for real-time analytics
  • Real-time analytics with hardware acceleration use cases
  • Optimization, performance, and scalability of real-time analytics
  • Tuning and management of the real-time data warehouse
  • Integration of real-time, historical, and/or transactional data
  • Data ingestion and capture in real-time
  • Visualizing real-time data and information
  • Case studies and experience (lessons, pitfalls, guidelines) from real-time BI practice

Special Note: We call for research, industrial, position, and demo submissions covering these topics of interest. Papers describing real-time BI / real-time analytics systems, platforms, and applications are especially welcome.