Thirteenth International Workshop on
Real-Time Business Intelligence and Analytics

August 26, 2019 - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Aims and Scope

With the advent of the cloud and Internet-of-Things age, we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in the velocity and volume of real-time data being collected for the purpose of analysis, processing, learning insights, correlating with historical data, and archival. Increasingly, organizations want to be able to base their decisions on the latest set of raw data and the real-time analytics derived from them. This trend has fueled a spurt in real-time and offline big data analytics systems, platforms, and engines that support such requirements, as well as new platform architectures such as serverless and lambda processing. Modern technologies that accelerate data processing such as in-database analytics, in-memory analytics, massively parallel processing (MPP), and stream computing underlie real-time business intelligence and analytics systems. Recent years have witnessed important advances in these areas but we are still at an early stage and further progress is needed to satisfy users demands for reliable, adaptive, scalable and easy-to-use platforms and applications infused with capabilities such as collecting and analyzing data, deriving insights from data, and providing actionable and intelligent information from data, all at extremely low latencies and high throughputs. Users also demand better support to handle the confluence of real-time business data with previously collected logs, in a reliable, secure, and efficient manner, both in the cloud and on edge devices.

This workshop, in its thirteenth edition, will provide a perfect forum to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the different facets of streaming, real-time, and historical data analysis for business intelligence, from data acquisition, to processing, to transformation and analysis, to data visualization. Participants will have the opportunity to present their current work and innovations in the context of real problems to which they have applied their solutions, innovations and infrastructure and discuss challenges, opportunities and advances in this field. At the same time, as with any other workshop, it will provide the right environment to network with people working on the workshop topics, fostering future collaboration and the consolidation of a solid community that sets the path towards the future of this increasingly important field.